Evansville Consistory

The Consistory Degrees (19º – 32º) portray memorable lessons of; brotherhood, compassion, discipline, dignity, duty, equality, excellence, faith, good will, justice, love, mercy, moral character, patriotism, purity, service, spirituality, toleration, and unity in dramas that range in settings from the time of chivalry through the 20th Century.

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Rex E. Robertson, Commander in Chief

Vacant, 1st Lt. Commander

Vacant 2nd Lt. Commander

Jarred Davis , Orator

Jaried Campbell, Chancellor

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N. William Ashby, 33°

Thomas N. Clark, 33°

Richard H. Schnakenburg, 33°

James E. Anthis, 33°

Sammy King, 33°

Michael W. Turner, 33°

William A. Reiners, 33°

Brian M. Weinbach, 33°

Gene L. Thompson

Mark W. Stephens 33°

Robert Kloepping

Max LaMar, Jr.

Jeffrey A. Perigo