The 17º, Knight of the East and West, and the 18º, Knight of Rose Croix of H.R.D.M., known as the Philosophical and Doctoral Degrees of the Scottish Rite, are conferred in a Chapter of Rose Croix. They open a new development of Masonic teaching, and are a distinct departure and advance from the symbolism of the Symbolic Lodge and of the preceding Scottish Rite Degrees. These deal with the teachings of Jesus; as Teacher, Prophet and Martyr. Whatever your religious faith, you are encouraged to ponder the philosophy and teachings of the Nazarene, especially the doctrine of fraternal love and service toward all mankind. You will learn how the three cardinal virtues of Freemasonry, Faith, Hope and Charity, were so beautifully illustrated in the life of Christ. These lessons give spiritual underpinning to the central Masonic concept of  “The Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.” The Rose Croix Degrees are the spiritual center and among the most important in the whole body of Freemasonry.

 Scottish Rite eagle


Rick A. Cory, 33° , Most Wise Master

Carl D. Shomate, 32°, MSA  Senior Warden

Christian Buck, 32° Junior Warden

Ryan R. Miller, 32°  Master of Ceremonies

Michael D. Barker, 32°  Captain of the Guard

 Scottish Rite eagle


Robert H. O. Kraemer, 33°

Harry W. Brown, III, 33°

James T. Whipkey, 33°

Gary M. Moore, 33°

Chester B. Peak, Jr., 33°

Raymond D. Burton, 33°

Kenneth E. Willis, Jr. 33°

Chester B. Peak, Jr., 33°

Albert L. Evans, 33°

Dennis A. Schroeder, Jr., 33°

Robert E. Houchin, 33°

Kenneth Roy, Jr., 33°

Estel W. McCarty, 32° MSA