Builders Guild

 As a member of the Scottish Rite you belong to a group that encourages the help to brothers, widows and orphans. We have started a group called the Builders Guild to do just that very thing. Add your name to the list and what your specialty is… We need laborer’s, professionals, pastors, financial advisors to truck drivers. No trade is not needed. Please sign up at the below number with your name, phone and trade you can assist us on a future build. 

What is Builders Guild?

Suppose you find a brother or widow in need of assistance with their home or something they need in their everyday life. Something that would make them more accessible or give them more freedom to work about them home. 

If a brother or widow needs a wheelchair ramp, we would take the lead and help them get the funds or contractors needed to complete the job. We are fully funded with the assistance of the Almoners fund. We also accept private donations to our Builders Guild of Evansville Valley. 

Here is how you can help us get the ball rolling?? 

Ask at your lodge to see if there are any Brothers or Widows that may need assistance. We will then compile a list of needs and make a quick visit to the home to assess the needs of the widow or brother. We would then need your help gathering some workers from your lodge. We would then call our list of men or working staff to decide on how to approach the issue at hand. We set a date and get them done. 

Helping other Brothers Widows and Orphans 

Financial planners are also encouraged to sign up. We need people to go in after a death of a loved one. Sometimes the spouse may not have a good handle on what to do. We would like to see if we can set up an adviser team to go in and help or assist the spouse if needed. All help will be donated time to the brother or widow. As you can see this can be a win win for the Brotherhood if this takes off. 7030Investment Allocation After One YearScottishAlmoners

If you have questions, or require further assistance, please contact team at… or call Carla at 812-425-1396 

Thanks in advance for your help of brothers. Valley of Evansville. 

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