Knights of St. Andrew

The founding meeting of the Evansville Valley of the Knights of St. Andrew was held on March 6, 2020, Our chapter was chartered by the Fort Wayne KSA. our mission is to assist with Valley Reunions by providing assistance with Greeting/Registration of members and Candidates, Class Marshalling Committee, and other duties as approved by the Deputy’s representative to the Valley and the Valley Executive Committee.

The chapter will also be working to develop a degree team for putting on the 29th degree “The Knight of St. Andrew.” We will hold meetings once a quarter and they will be in the style of a Festive Board. We will host a Burns night every January in accordance with a KSA tradition.

If you have any interest in joining us in this new endeavor please feel free to contact the office at 812-425-1396 or speak to any of our founding officers listed below.

Venerable Master: Mark W. Stephens, 33
Senior Warden: Fred Kerstein, 32
Junior Warden: Justin Greenwell, 32
Scribe: David Straw, 32
Senior Deacon: Jeremy Heath, 32
Marshall: Daniel Mayes, 32
Piper: J. Kenneth Grant, 32

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