Rex R. MSA

Rex E. Robertson, MSA

Rex was born in Evansville, IN on July 16, 1943 to Fred and Fredda Robertson. He attended Delaware Elementary School and Central High School. Rex was in the United States Army from 1961 to 1963 and the National Guard from 1963 to 1965.

Rex married his wife Brenda December 25, 1961 they had two sons. Rex E. Robertson, II (living) and Joseph F. E. Robertson (deceased). Rex worked as a journeyman millwright for Faultless Castor; he also worked as maintenance for the Scottish Rite for several years.

Rex became a Master Mason in Evansville Lodge # 64 in 2005, and then joined the Scottish Rite Valley of Evansville, serving in the Consistory Line where he currently serves as Commander in Chief.

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Carl S. MSA (1)

Carl D. Shomate, MSA

Carl was born in Granite City, IL on September 28, 1944 to Eugene and Dorothy Shomate. He attended Oakland City TTI Electronic and Evansville College.

Carl worked for Potter & Brumfield, RCA Stereo Division, Phillips Recording Co. and Duke Electric. He married his wife Janet on April 14, 1979 and has two daughters from a previous marriage.

Carl became a Master Mason at Oakland City Lodge # 467 in 2012 then joined the Scottish Rite Valley of Evansville that same year. He served as Captain of the guard, junior warden, and is currently serving as Senior Warden of Chapter of Rose Croix Line.

Carl is also a member of the Hadi Temple Shrine hospital staff, and Arab patrol, a member of the York Rite, and Knights Templar.

Join us in welcoming Carl as one of our new 2018 MSA’S


Jared P. Davis

Karl A. Fark

Jeremy L. Heath


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