Valley Officers Installed for 2017

You Scottish Rite Valley installed its officers for the coming year.  Your new Officer are listed below.   To see Photos from the installation Click Here 

Evansville Lodge of Perfection 

Trice Potent Master                   Carl Whitman

Deputy Master                            Walter “Rocky” Rosa

Senior Warden                            Dan Mayes

Junior Warden                            Karl Fark

Mordecai Council Princes of Jerusalem

Sovereign Prince                         Vernon Barnett

High Priest                                    Jeremy Heath

Senior Warden                             Timothy Sanchez

Junior Warden                             Fred Kerstien

Trinity Chapter Rose Croix 

Most Wise Master                        Estel McCarthy

Senior Warden                             Rick Cory

Junior Warden                             Carl Shomate

Master of Ceremonies                Christian Buck

 Evansville Consistory

Commander and Chief              Rex Robertson

1st Lt. Commander                     Christopher Lamar

Orator                                            Jaried Campbell

Chancellor                                    Jared Davis

Officers of all Bodies

Trustee                                           Bill Reiners 33°

Trustee                                           Robert Houchins 33°

Trustee                                           Douglas Patmore

Treasure                                       Andy West 33°

Executive Secretary                   Mark Stephens






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